Terms Of Use

GigTon.com Terms & Policies


The Basics

  • You need to be a Registered GigTon.com user to sell and buy. Registration is free.
  • Work and services that are offered by sellers on GigTon.com are called "Gigs".
  • Gig prices are set to minimum of $5 and up.
  • Sellers and buyers identity is anonymous. Don't request or provide emails to users on the site.
  • Sellers may not accept payments from GigTon.com buyers outside of GigTon.com (directly through PayPal or any other service)
  • Posting of illegal, adult, copyrighted, violent, nonsense or other improper material on the site is strictly prohibited.
  • Content on the site is moderated. Users posting, messaging or suggesting any of the above prohibited content will get their account blocked permanently.

Payment Flow

  • When buyers order one of your gigs, they will be required to pay for the gig in advance.
  • When you deliver the order, GigTon.com will add your net share to your balance.
  • You can withdraw funds from your balance to your PayPal account.

Order Handling

  • Once a buyer orders one of your gigs, you will be emailed and asked to Accept or Reject the order. Rejecting an order should only be used when you won't be able to perform your offering on time. If you're away and can't handle orders, it's a good idea to suspend your gigs from your control panel.
  • Responding to orders quickly will increase your chance for positive feedback.

Delivering Completed Work, Passing of Materials and Submitting Finished Work

  • During the work process, you are required to use only GigTon .com 's internal mail system to pass work to and from your buyer. Using the GigTon.com mail system protects the seller's and buyer's privacy. Never request a buyer to switch to third party email.
  • You're responsible to scan all transferred files for malware and viruses. GigTon.com will not be held responsible for any damages caused by bad files.
  • You can access all emails and files transferred related to an order from the Order Details page.
  • Make sure you describe your gig's final work in detail. Indicate amounts, descriptions, file formats etc.

Seller's Feedback

  • Your gig feedback is based on buyers feedback and your responsiveness to new gig orders   (Accept/Reject).
  • Quality of work and buyer feedback have a great effect on your feedback score. 


Ordering of Gigs

  • Purchase of gigs from GigTon.com can be done using your PayPal or credit card (credit card purchases are handled by PayPal as well-no account is needed).
  • Once payment has been confirmed, your order is sent to the seller.
  • You can cancel your order at any time before the seller accepts your order. Once the seller accepts your order you won't be able to cancel it.
  • Sellers have the option to reject an order if they can't handle it on time. If for any reason your order gets rejected, your $ payment will be placed in your GigTon.com balance and will be available to you to purchase other gigs on GigTon.com.
  • Any funds you may have in your balance will be used on your next gig purchase (no need to go through the PayPal process again).
  • Sellers and buyers identity is always to be anonymous. Don't request or give out emails to users on the site.
  • Buyers can't offer sellers payments or transactions to be conducted outside of GigTon.com. (buyers can't offer sellers to use PayPal etc.)

General Terms of Service

  • Spammers will be permanently banned!
  • In the case of a dispute with a seller you should use GigTon .com 's contact form. Never use PayPal to reverse or request refund of the payment to GigTon.com. Doing so will put your GigTon.com account on suspension.
  •  GigTon .com reserves the right to put any account on suspension or permanently cancel your account due to breaching terms. Users with accounts on suspension won't be able to buy or sell on GigTon.com.